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8 Barbados

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The easternmost of the Caribbean Island chain‚ Barbados provides excellent connectivity to international destinations in the United States‚ Canada‚ Europe‚ and Central and South America‚ along with links throughout the region.


Seventy miles of pristine beaches‚ great restaurants and resorts‚ well organized tours and a long list of attractions. There’s plenty of nightlife‚ a full range of water and land sports‚ tropical gardens‚ stately great houses‚ festivals‚ vibrant music… the island packs tremendous variety into its 21 x 14 miles. The south coast is well developed with hotels‚ restaurants and entertainment spots. The rich and famous are drawn to parts of the sheltered opulent west coast. The north has a rugged beauty‚ while Atlantic swells and winds make the east coast wild and beautiful.


Barbados’ strong British roots is on display at the various museums and cultural centres‚ dating back to the times of the first US President‚ and with Bridgetown‚ the capital city receiving its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site‚ this proud history is further solidified.


This is the birthplace of rum‚ the land of the flying fish‚ the playground for polo‚ horse racing‚ cricket and surfing. Tourists flock to its shores‚ and many choose to remain in this land of contrasts - at once modern and old-worldly; wild and tamed; professional and laid-back.

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