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Travel on Grenadine Alliance is safe and efficient‚ but we suggest these following tips to make your experience with us seamless and stress-free.

1.       All passengers should be prepared to present their passports or official identification card as used to secure the booking‚ at check-in. All required visas or entry permits are the responsibility of the passenger.

2.       Schedule timings are subject to minor adjustments; we recommend being at the airport no less than 1 hour before scheduled departure‚ to ensure you make your flight. In Barbados‚ check-in counters close 30 minutes prior to departure.

3.       Connecting times with some International carriers are limited; we recommend that passengers carry overnight essentials in their hand luggage. That would include:

  •          Important/valuable documentation (passports‚ business documents‚ etc.)
  •          Medicines and medical equipment (inhalers‚ pills‚ etc.)
  •          Basic toiletries
  •          House or car keys

4.       To assist handlers in identifying luggage and expediting its transfer‚ please tie brightly coloured ribbon on the handles of your suitcases.

5.       As baggage capacity on our aircraft is sometimes limited‚ we will endeavour to accommodate your luggage on your flight. However if that is not possible‚ we will try to accommodate it on the next available flight.

6.       Travel Insurance is recommended.

7.       Grenadine Alliance bears no liability for the following items in your luggage‚ however carried:

  •          Valuable/fragile items (including money‚ jewellery‚ perfumes‚ electronics‚ or cameras)
  •          Perishables (e.g.‚ seafood‚ or meats)
  •          Plant/vegetable matter
  •          Items prohibited for carriage by air by law or applicable IATA/ICAO rules and regulations.

Some of the above items may require special handling or licences for importation.